ReadyMate is made from a unique, high amylopectin Waxy Hulless Barley developed by the Crop Development Center, University of Saskatchewan. The Barley is contract grown with farmers at an attractive premium to conventional barley. To manufacture the product, food grade Barley is first tempered with baking soda and then cooked with proprietary technology to gelatinize the starch in the whole grain, thus making it highly absorbent, with built in odor control. The product is then coarsely granulated to enhance clumping ability without generating tracking and dust issues. Science created the Barley, Farmers grow it and the processing knowledge creates a functionality that consumers and their cats can benefit from. 

The Origin — Lucky’s Story

The Science — How it works

In every cat owners life there is going to be the 

frustration with cat litter. It was this frustration, coinciding with the rescue of two kittens that inspired the creation of ReadyMate Cat Litter. One of the two kittens, named Lucky, began his work career testing versions of ReadyMate. He quickly progressed to be the “cat face” of the company, gracing the packaging of the product and attending Pet Expos across Canada. Lucky was born a polydactyl cat, having the unique feature of six front toes. Polydactyl cats are actually considered to be lucky — and he is, like all cats are, a unique creature that attracts attention from friends and neighbours. Every day we are reminded that if it weren’t for him the concept and business of a Barley based cat litter would not exist. Lucky indeed!

The ReadyMate Story