Clumpable – Clumping is an important quality in a cat litter as it allows you to remove the soiled litter keeping the remaining litter clean an odour free. ReadyMate is processed with advanced heat technology that enhances the barley’s gelatinized starch content, which in turn increases ReadyMate’s water absorption and natural clumping abilities.

Many cat litters uses chemicals to create the clumping effect which can be harmful to your cat. While other natural cat litters are certainly safer than clay they can lack the ability to clump as well as ReadyMate and thus to require more frequent changing of the overall litter.


Odour Control – ReadyMate is infused with baking soda to provide superior odour absorption. Banking soda is a non toxic natural deodorizer — many clay litters use chemical perfume “deodorizers” which tend to be strong and unpleasant to have in your home.


Flushable – ReadyMate is organic and will not harm sewage systems like traditional clay based cat litters. Just scoop and flush daily and your litter box will stay fresh and odour free for weeks.


Soft – ReadyMate is granulated producing a soft texture and is recommended for newly de-clawed cats or cats that are sensitive to course textures. Cat litters made from clay are not recommended for newly de-clawed cats and rough textured natural litters made from wood, paper pellets or nut shells are not always accepted by older cats and or kittens. The granulation of ReadyMate also significantly reduces dust and tracking.