How to use ReadyMate

Using ReadyMate is easier than traditional clay litters. All you have to do is scoop the clumps and flush them. ReadyMate clumps are sewage system friendly and will not clog your toilet like clumping clay litters. Flush only the clumps, remaining used ReadyMate may be composted.


First, fill your cat’s litter box 2 to 3 inches full. Place your cat’s litter box in a quiet, private spot, to ensure they use their litter box and not household plants. For best results, replenish the scooped ReadyMate daily to maintain a litter depth of 2-3 inches.


Scoop clumps and waste daily to ensure your cat stays healthy. This will also help keep your toilet from being overloaded. The most important point to keep in mind is to not overload your toilet. It’s a good idea to leave the clumps sit in the toilet water for a few minutes to soften and to be sure the the clumps flush completely, just break them up with your scoop before you flush.

Although we recommend you flush ReadyMate clumps, you may choose to dispose of them in the trash. Putting the waste in a paper bag and or a biodegradeable plastic bag is another way to help keep your cat litter environmentally friendly.

Completely replace ReadyMate once a month. Keep in mind that you can compost the the scooped litter but we recommend you do not flush it as that quantity of litter will likely overload your sewage system.

Other helpful tips

To reduce the amount of litter your cat tracks through the house, place the box in an uncarpeted area of the house and place a mat or newspaper in front of the box.

Do not place strong fragrances near the litter box to mask odour. Fragrances may deter your cat from using the box. 


ReadyMate is litter box-screen friendly, provided you maintain 2-3 inches of ReadyMate in the litter box.